do it fast. do it furious.

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The Fast and the Furious Fans
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This a community for pimping all fannish thingmabobs related to The Fast and the Furious, all sequels, and any related films to come. All ratings, pairings, and genres are welcome; just make sure that all fic is clearly labeled.

Fic, icons, vids, and related discussion are all okay. Just keep it polite, please. And tag your post; if you can't find the one you need, mention it and I'll add it in.

You can browse the community content via the tags here.

If your post does not mention the movies or an actor from the movies, then you are off-topic. Other posts will be deleted.

We have fans of all films and all characters and all ships on this community. Please be respectful. Other posts will be deleted.

Please cut-tag discussion or speculation for Furious 7 at least the film is released on DVD. This to help out member who cannot view the film in a theatre. Thanks.

Please source your images, vids, and gifs. It would also be polite to use cut tags for big images, animated images, or long posts.

Your co-mod is kelly_girl.

Have fun.

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