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Fic update: Dark Days in Light City

Title: Dark Days in Light City
Author: khaleesian/maygra
Rating: XXX
Disclaimer: Not Universal/no profit

“Oh God,” Brian groaned, sticking his head deep under the spray. He lost that round for sure. His entire abdomen throbbed with his battle not to come.

At least Dom wasn’t smiling anymore. Dom looked very intense, very avid now. His lips were tight. He leaned hard on the tile, waiting for Brian’s move.

Brian licked his lower lip. He fluttered his fingers for a second, and then dragged his fingernails over the curve of Dom’s hip, rounding the bone with his thumb. His nipple still tingled from Dom’s earlier bite. Dom hissed a little and stiffened, reaching up to rest his hand on Brian’s shoulder in slow motion.

Everything usually happened so fast. But not this. Brian felt that he finally truly understood the full meaning of the phrase ‘painfully slow’. The slight aches that Dom had hammered into him were getting burnished with heat and lust. Fans of heat and tingling were spreading in odd spots like in the hollow of his triceps and between his shoulder-blades. Underneath his sternum.

It was like they were playing chicken at a snail's pace, trying to see who would flinch first. Raising the bets very slowly and purposefully to uncover each other’s bluff.

Dom’s erection bobbed as he arched his neck unhurriedly, recovering his cool as he got accustomed to Brian’s hand on his most sensitive skin. He touched his tongue delicately to the inside of his lower lip and Brian felt a muscle in his groin twitch. Dom leaned in s-l-o-w-l-y and bit Brian’s neck, right under his ear.

Brian took the opportunity to press his painfully hard cock into the curve of Dom’s pelvis. Oh God, that was sweet. Dom pulled back a second and then pushed ahead, spreading his hand over Brian’s chest and ghosting it down his flank to come to rest cupping Brian’s cock in the hollow of his palm. The warm water flowed in between his fingers and Brian gasped with sensation as Dom lightly stroked his dick.

Christ, this had just happened. But he was still going to come in a second, jizz all over Dom’s thigh and seriously, had he just graduated from high school or what?

He spread his fingers on the tile as if he could push the dizziness away. The tiles were so white. The entire bathroom glowed, mostly because it had one crappy fluorescent bar across the mirror and no window.

Dom leaned in and bit him on the jaw so Brian felt perfectly justified in tightening his fingers over the long muscle in Dom’s back and pressing his mouth behind Dom’s ear. The pressure was electric and his cock thrummed as Dom grasped him more authoritatively. Dom snaked his free hand up Brian’s back, tangled his fingers in Brian’s hair and tightened his grip. Dom grunted appreciatively as Brian’s neck was bared to his teeth and Brian was lost, lost, spurting into Dom’s hand and over his stomach. Brian panted as little pearls of come shimmered with the water droplets and vanished.

Dom’s shoulders swelled as Brian leaned on him, exhausted. Brian could feel him grinning.

Brian was very gratified with the choked-off yelp he elicited when he slid to his knees and pressed his cheek against Dom’s swollen cock. Dom seemed to recoil for a second, but there was no escape from the confines of the tiny shower. Dom made a sound very like a whimper as Brian rubbed his lower lip indiscriminately on Dom’s glans. Hah. Gotcha.

Brian looked up, over the flat of his tongue on the upstroke, after he’d teased Dom’s cock into his mouth. Dom’s eyes were so dark and his mouth was almost comically slack. Tentatively, he brushed fingers lightly over Brian’s ear and hair. Brian hummed approvingly. He stroked the backs of Dom’s knees as they quivered. The water was getting cooler, but he barely noticed.

Obviously, Dom wasn’t as drunk as he’d proclaimed himself to be.

Dom left off petting his hair when Brian decided to get serious. When Brian stroked both thumbs smoothly over the twin peaks of Dom’s hipbones and cupped his ass, Dom spread his palms over the tile like he needed help staying upright. Brian savored the drag of Dom’s silkiest skin over his lower lip, the hot fullness of it now robbed of scent by the water.

Dom tried to say something before he started to come but it came out an incoherent hybrid of moan and growl. Brian tightened down a little, but there was so much that it spilled over his lips. When he glanced up at Dom, Dom screwed his eyes shut and his whole body shuddered.


When Brian woke up, it was dark. The air had changed, the breeze had picked up considerably. Goosebumps flooded over his shoulder and chest. He plucked at one edge of the sheet and then jerked it hard out from under Dom’s weight. He snuggled back under it, closer to the heat that radiated from Dom. Dom stirred for a second, smacked his lips and settled back into a bed-hogging sprawl. Brian nudged him mercilessly until he had enough room again. Dom didn’t seem to be in any danger of waking up, so Brian had some time to think and watch.

He stretched, yawning. This was weird. It had been a long time since he’d had a nap in daylight hours. Of course, it had also been a long time since….he looked over at Dom appreciatively. This wasn’t exactly something he’d put on his schedule for today, but he could roll with it.

Propping himself up on his elbow, he rubbed his knuckle on the seaming cut on his lip. Adrenaline had kept him feeling electrically good for several hours. Now that it had washed away he felt exhausted and achy, but looking at the dark crescents of Dom’s eyelashes buoyed him up past the minor twinges. He felt like someone who had been nursing a long hurt on the day the bandage finally came off.

He’d had snatches of this feeling before, but had never had a moment to examine and appreciate them. Half of the time in Miami, he’d been convinced he’d imagined it all. He remembered the day he’d started the assignment, walking into Toretto’s, how jittery and freaked out he’d been. Constantly questioning himself while trying to act confident, trying not to overthink, but still consider all the pitfalls that could get him killed.

Then there had been the big, dark ocean of calm that Dom had invited him into. So unexpected and unlooked for. This river of understanding that swirled around them. It had felt so good.

But now the ocean was boiling and the river was on fire.

“You’re still here,” Dom’s voice came from the semi-darkness, gruff with sleep. Brian stirred a little, guilty at being caught staring.

Brian nodded cautiously. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Dom rolled onto his back and rubbed his eyes and mouth. He scratched around the cut on his eyebrow and shrugged. “Dunno. Guess I was operating on the assumption that that might have freaked you out a little.”

“Yeah, well, when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me,” Brian said deadpan.

“Not when you were an ass to begin with,” Dom snarked back, rolling his eyes then shaking his head.

Brian grinned. He lay back down so they were shoulder to shoulder.

Dom spidered a hand over his thigh and squeezed gently. Brian felt himself harden and tried to ignore it, he had a feeling they might be on the cusp of a serious conversation.

“Why’d you hit me?” When Dom softened his voice, it came out in a purr.

Brian surreptitiously rearranged the sheet so his growing erection would be hidden in a fold. “I was mad.”


“I don’t know,” Brian said, honestly.

Dom nodded slowly at the ceiling. “I’m pretty good at that lately.”

“Good at what?” Brian looked over at Dom’s profile which was half silver. The moon must be almost full.

“Making people really fucking mad.” Dom said in a voice that invited Brian to laugh. Brian didn’t though.

“Why did you…” Brian couldn’t quite finish, so he made a gesture that he hoped was expressive.

“Why’d I what?” Dom asked innocently, but the hand gently stroking Brian’s thigh tightened into a squeeze again.

“Stick your tongue in my mouth,” Brian enunciated. “Jerk me off like you were working the late shift at the Spearmint Rhino.”

The bed shook and Brian realized that Dom was laughing again.

“You should have seen yourself,” Dom hitched in another chuckle. “You were all…flushed and sparky and you had ‘Fuck you, Dom Toretto’ written across your face as big as the Hollywood sign.”

“Yeah, I could see how that would be your natural response in that situation,” Brian said sarcastically.

Dom’s hand slid up a few inches, ruffling his pubic hair, and effectively shutting Brian up. “I didn’t imagine that I would have to explain this to you, but I guess I do.”

Dom rolled onto his side and spread his palm over Brian’s cock. “I am a bad guy. I am a selfish motherfucker. If someone looks like they’re about to burn a bridge with me, I’ll burn it first. I’ll scorch the earth. And if there’s something I want then, I’ll take it. You got me?”

“Gotcha,” Brian was already breathing hard through his mouth, but he still had a hold of his bravado. “You want me.”

The gleam of Dom’s teeth was bright in the moonlight. “And you’re gonna tell me it’s not mutual?”


“Sure that’s a good idea?” Brian said offhandedly as Dom snapped the top off a bottle of Pacifica Clara. A can of beef stew bubbling on the stove was starting make the kitchen smell warm and happy again. It had taken an hour of both of their concentrated efforts to get it somewhat clean and remove the alcoholic detritus.

Dom looked questioningly at Brian and then frowned down at the beer in his hand. “At this point, I gotta taper off. Or I’ll just make myself sick.”

Brian nodded. Dom regarded him for a long moment.

“Mia left. She was the last, but she still left.” Dom said slowly.

“I wasn’t asking,” Brian protested.

“I know, but watching you think was gonna make me crazy.” Dom sighed.

“You don’t have to…” Brian started, but Dom made a ‘stop’ gesture.

“I do. I can tell you. Not like it’s a secret.”

Dom turned and started stirring the stew very slowly. “Letty was first. She was hurt pretty bad and that kept her around. But after she healed, she and I started fighting. About every little thing. She was so bored here and Letty….”

Dom stopped for a second and painted a question mark in the air with his wooden spoon. “She is calm, but she is not relaxed.

Brian sat down at the table. He straightened the napkin holder and the salt and pepper shakers, just to be doing something.

Dom continued, “When you’re used to L.A., it’s really quiet down here. I was fine with it…at least I thought I was. I needed some…peace.”

Brian looked out the door. There was almost no sound at all except a constant shushing which he thought might be the crash of very distant surf. At the edge of the corona cast by the porch light, the darkness was almost absolute save for the faint glimmer of the full moon.

“But that’s not what they needed.” Dom said so low that Brian almost didn’t hear it. “At least, Leon didn’t, because he went next. It was way more chill than with Letty, but that made it worse somehow. His cousin had some scheme and they were gonna get rich quick with his stake from the trucks. He wanted me in, but I…” Dom trailed off, shaking his head.

“And Vince?” Brian asked softly when the silence lengthened. “He okay?”

Dom nodded, bobbing his head deeply. “That was all pretty rough,” Even Dom’s voice sounded rough. “Shit, as bad as Letty was, she healed three times as fast as Vince. He was practically bedridden for months. That was hard, particularly for…Mia.”

Brian looked up at the ceiling. He could still see Mia as if it were yesterday, her face contorted in pain, turning away from him.

“So, anyway, he was angry. Angry that it was taking so long to get back up to speed, angry with all the pain, angry at himself for not being the guy he was before, angry at me for not being the guy I was before. He looked at me like I was a stranger.”

“So it took a while. A long while,” Dom shrugged and started stirring again. “But Vince got better, bought a motorcycle and started hanging out with some bikers from Ensenada. Not really my crowd, not to speak of Mia, and I made it pretty clear that the welcome was not warm for them here. Soooo, long story short, he’s taken up with some hootchie mama and moved further south. Or east. Or something.”

Dom pulled some bowls out of the cupboards, divided the stew between them and put a slice of cheese on top of each. He dug a fork into each steaming bowl and handed one to Brian.

“Both Leon and Vince still call about once a month.” Dom raised his eyes from the table top and he and Brian said “Collect” in unison. They grinned at each other for a moment and took a few bites of meat.

Brian watched Dom eat, wondering if he should ask about Mia.

“It was my fault, I got…distant. Sometimes it felt like I didn’t talk for days.” Dom said matter-of-factly. “Wasn’t very good company.”

“So is that why…” Brian started delicately after a long pause.

Dom rolled all his weight back and his chair creaked with the strain. His eyes seemed to carry almost physical weight. “Nah. She left last week. When I got back from up north.”


“She said it was because I wanted her to,” Dom made it almost to the end of the sentence before he had to clear his throat. He choked a little, coughed. When he looked back at Brian, his eyes were fever-bright.

Brian straightened his shoulders to ease the tightness in his chest. He had been feeling good and the vertiginous drop to feeling really awful made his throat close. He hated himself for having been so distracted by lust that he overlooked the sheer volume of wreckage that surrounded Dom.

He’d had Roman and Tej and Monica and dozens of other people to keep him from falling too deep into his own mind. Brian wondered how painful and surprising it had felt for Vince, Leon, Letty and Mia when gravity decided to reverse itself. Planets being spun away from the sun. He could see a reflection of that pain, mirrored on Dom’s face right now.

He must have looked six kinds of stricken, because Dom tapped his fingers on the table to get Brian’s attention.

“Hey,” Dom said softly. “I did this to myself.”

Brian nodded, not quite convinced.


“Why did you do it?” Brian asked quietly. He had been looking up at the sky for so long, that his neck was stiff when he sat upright. Dom had turned off all the lights so they could stargaze, unobstructed. The moon sucked up most of the light, but a few stars still peppered the sky.

“Why did I do what?”

Brian just looked back at him, not giving an ounce of quarter. Dom furrowed his brow and cupped his hand over his forehead. “I needed money, we needed to get out...” he gestured vaguely at the hills around them. “We needed to get out of LA. It was getting too dangerous there.”

“Jeez, you think?” Brian gestured with his beer. “Ever think that street racing and hijacking maybe was contributing to the danger?”

‘Yeah, well, every game has got odds,” Dom continued testily. “I was working the odds. There were just some variables that I hadn’t considered.”

“Like Tran.” Brian took another swig.

“Like you,” Dom’s eyes were hooded. He grinned a little out at the dark, turning a sardonic sneer off into space.

“What’s so funny?” Brian put his beer down. Dom wasn’t really laughing, but some heaviness appeared to be hitching out of his throat.

“I am, ” Dom said with finality. “I am fucking hilarious.”

“How so?” Brian said carefully.

“Because as dangerous as Tran was, as dangerous as you were…” Dom paused and gave Brian a look that said ‘and are.’ Then he continued. “ I was the biggest threat to everyone’s health really. Just me and my fucked-up priorities.”

Brian opened his mouth and then shut it, struck with the perfection of the mind-fuck. He had actually been getting ready to defend Dom’s choices to Dom.

He spoke without thinking. “I’m not going to apologize.”

Dom rolled his eyes. “Christ, why would you think…? Your priorities may be even more fucked up than mine.”

“I’m not,” Brian repeated stubbornly.

“Why would you?” Dom shrugged. “I sure as shit never do.”

“Maybe you should lay off,” Brian said again, not so gently, when Dom had liberated his fourth beer.

Dom paused with the bottle right in front of his lips. He spoke into it like a microphone. “Don’t think so, no.”

“Why not?” Brian realized he could, realized that a certain bridge had been burnt, so he put his hand on Dom’s shoulder and left it there.

Dom shivered a little, “Don’t you get this? I sober up, I get angry and bitter and, just…you don’t…”

He trailed off, sighing heavily. He scratched his stomach again, digging fingers into to flesh that Brian knew was bruised.

Brian shoved himself up from his lawn chair and bent over Dom, gripping both hands on the taut muscles spreading down from Dom’s neck.

“Jesus,” Dom rolled back in his chair, but stayed rigid. “Don’t be nice to me. I’m already starting to get stupid.”

“I’m not being nice,” Brian whispered into the dark shell of Dom’s ear.

Dom tilted his head to look back at Brian. The whites of his eyes glowed. He touched his tongue to his lower lip and lowered his eyelids. “Oh, I see your game.”

“Yeah?” Brian breathed. “Wanna play?”


Scorched earth, thought Brian, vaguely, scorching.

He didn’t know if Dom was still drunk, what Dom was seeing or feeling, how impaired his judgment was. Right now, considering, he wondered if he’d actually ever known Dom, or if aliens had come and stolen that Dom and left something Dom-shaped in his space.

The ‘considering’ being just where Dom’s mouth was at this moment. Brian was shaking internally, full of hope and uncertainty. And come.

Dom could practically unhinge his jaw, like some kind of boa constrictor. Dom didn’t seem to hold much with finesse, but he had zeal and an utter lack of self-consciousness that worked all of Brian’s nerves into a trilling concert while he tried to keep from just grabbing the back of Dom’s skull with both hands.

Dom squeezed Brian’s cock in an impossibly tight grip that made Brian’s eyes practically water. Dom’s mind also seemed to be wandering. He would mouth Brian’s balls and then lick the head of Brian’s cock, but he seemed distracted, not really concentrating on getting Brian off one way or another. It was an odd sensation, considering Dom’s usual laser-like focus. Brian might have found it amusing, if he hadn’t been on the verge of dying from frustration.

He was gonna grab Dom’s head, for real. Trace his thumbs gently over Dom’s ears, delicately trace his clean-shaven skull, tighten his fingers and then fuck Dom’s face. He rolled his hips and clawed his fingers into the mattress desperately. Dom looked up at him for a second, grinned and pumped his fist in a way that made Brian breathe tightly through clenched teeth.

Dom wasn’t even totally on the bed, but still kind of leaning against it. He wasn’t even undressed. His jeans were still clinging to him, unbuttoned. He didn’t look freaked out in the slightest to be casually sucking Brian off. Brian could have gotten worked up about these minor points, except for oh god, that’s his tongue and…

Brian came back to himself, blinking rapidly. He was still on a knife’s edge, a hairsbreadth from coming. He un-arched his back and squinted at Dom who wasn’t even looking at his face.

Brian wasn’t sure how this had happened. This had beenhis idea and he was still relatively sober so he wasn’t quite sure how it had happened, that Dom had wrestled him so easily out of his clothes, had gently shoved him backward onto the bed, had left his mouth aching with fierce, almost angry kisses. Now Brian was frozen, Dom had him immobilized, afraid to move in case he accidentally did something that stopped the blissful flood of feeling.

Dom’s eyes had fluttered closed and he had spread both his palms over the peaks of Brian’s hips and he was just bobbing his head lightly, letting his tongue and lower lip get most of the action. With his eyes closed, he seemed oddly absent and Brian suddenly needed connection more than he needed that sweet, maddening, delicate-as-porcelain friction.

It gave him a deep-bellied thrill to cup his palm lightly over Dom’s uninjured cheekbone. Dom’s eyes flashed open and Brian let his hips twitch minutely while he muttered thickly, “I’m gonna come.”

Dom pulled back and touched his tongue to his carmine-red lower lip. Brian might have protested the loss, if he’d had time. But something had sparked to life in Dom’s eyes like some vital switch was suddenly flicked to ‘on’.

Dom dug one hand hard into the curve of his ass, pressed the other palm flat into his hipbone and flipped him over like it was a magic trick. Brian dug his fists into the bed, pushing up on bent knees for a second and managed to take one deep breath before Dom’s weight came down on his back.

He felt the sting of teeth where his neck joined his shoulder and goosebumps gushed in a wave over his back and side and chest. Brian’s nipples tightened as Dom nipped at his earlobe. Dom’s steamy breath on the back of his neck almost seems like an unspoken promise: Before? That little game of chicken in the shower? That was kid stuff. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Brian swallowed. His knees weren’t doing a very good job of holding him (them) up and his too-sensitive cock dragged over the rough sheets in a crazy-making way.

Brian had been with some aggressive people in the course of his sexual career, but he’d never been with anyone who just did and took without a touch of hesitation. It was frighteningly hot. This deep, unfocused want that Dom was spilling over him made him feel drunk with arousal. Dom moved across him as gracefully and inexorably as the tide coming in.

For a moment, Dom’s teeth snagged into the triangle of muscle on the other side of his neck, spreading that sudden gush of weakness and heat down his other flank. Dom mouthed the knobs of bone at the base of his neck and then drew his tongue down in a wide stripe in the hollow of Brian’s spine. Brian bit his lip and watched his own hands tighten in the sheets. They were careening in a certain direction and Brian knew he had to speak up fast if he wasn’t cool with it.

He could feel Dom’s nipples dragging along his back. It made his eyes screw up with sheer stimulation. He had opened his mouth, meaning to protest, but what came out was a drawn-out “Ooooh, yeah.”

Dom bit him again, his mouth too wide to hurt, just a slight sting and thrill. Brian felt his chin pull up involuntarily as Dom spread his palms over Brian’s ass. Brian wondered if this would be better or easier if he could see what Dom was doing and then considered wryly that he had already come three times in six hours and maybe, just maybe, there was a limit.

Dom slid the flat of his hand down, making Brian spread his legs a little more. Dom cupped Brian’s balls, while his other hand stroked the back of Brian’s thigh. Brian noticed that his own breath was getting noisy and choked-off and kind of undignified. He tried to take a deep breath which was cut in half when Dom unceremoniously stuck his tongue into the tight pucker of Brian’s asshole.

Jesus, Brian wanted to say, but something a lot less than a word came out. His knees gave out completely and he found himself grinding into the bed, squinching his eyes shut. Sweat prickled everywhere and the sheets smelled of Dom and god, he was ratcheted so tight with arousal that whatever Dom had in mind wasn’t gonna…

Brian managed to pull one knee up and turn around enough to look back. Unnervingly, Dom was already watching his face. Now, of course, Dom was bright with awareness and focus. Dom was heavy-lidded, half-smiling and as Brian watched, he very deliberately stroked his thumb over the flat of his tongue. Oh God.

Brian’s protest died in his throat and he had to shut his eyes again quickly. Dom chuckled appreciatively when Brian untwisted his hands from their death grip and tilted his hips up. He snaked one hand back, dragging the inside of his wrist along his flank. He brushed Dom’s shoulder with the tips of his fingers.

Brian rubbed his sweating face hard against the hot sheets. He was leaning hard on his shoulder and it ached a little, but the pain seemed very far away, crushed under the weight of Dom’s hot body, a ton of arousal and a few pounds of shame. His face was flaming as he dug his hands into his ass, spreading himself wider, cracking himself wide open. For Dom. He could feel the cool when Dom sucked a deep breath in through his teeth.

Dom twisted fingers inside him, alternating with his tongue, nasty-sweet until Brian felt tears gathering in the corners of his eyes. He was arching his back, rolling his hips a little, and his balls had tightened up until they felt full in his stomach. The pause when Dom shifted his weight and the pressure got all new and different made Brian remember to breathe through his nose. The sudden rush of oxygen almost made him high.

Greedily, he pushed back. He inhaled and a droplet of sweat fell on the back of his hand.

Dom was fucking him. It burned, it stung and it was so fucking awesome.

Dom was clutching him tightly everywhere. His fingers dug into Brian’s hips and Brian felt himself twisted slightly. Dom’s hand closed around his cock and Brian felt the pull drawing both ways deep inside. Dom was saying something, grunted and snarled nonsense-words that just vibrated straight through Brian’s taut, bow-strung body. Within moments, it seemed like his world was wet, pulsing and glowing, all heat and spunk and tingling lassitude.

As Brian came back to himself, trying furiously to get his breath back and his sense of which way was up, it occurred to him that it wasn’t usually that great an idea to just give it all up like that. He swallowed as he jerked the come-soaked sheet out from underneath them. He had never thrown away all power and dignity this quickly in a relationship.

Then Dom slung his arm over Brian’s stomach and nudged his nose into the back of Brian’s neck and the cool surge of anxiety faded.

This relationship, such as it was, was a work in progress.

After a while, Dom panted softly, “Guess we’re not like other guys.”

“No,” Brian mumbled, sliding to the edge of the bed out of the wet. “We’re faster.”
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