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Eighth movie discussion? 
25th-Nov-2016 03:55 am
Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster
Okay, while due to Paul Walker's death I very likely won't be seeing the eighth movie, there kind of are some thoughts about it that still keep creeping into my mind, and that sometimes I keep thinking that maybe it's time Universal ended the series. Not because of Paul Walker, but there are some other factors:

Welp, mainly the whole family thing. I think the family was at its largest (10-11) in Fast Five - Dom, Brian, Mia, Rome, Tej, Vince, Han, Gisele, Tego, Rico, and to some extent Hobbs and Elena. Except that even as far as the first movie, the writers have killed/written off characters without regarding the consequences.

First Jesse being killed - then Leon disappearing - and seeing that Johnny Strong hasn't really done much since 2001, it'd be doubtable to see him return. But then again, someone mentioned that, as Mia said in the first movie that she, Dom, Letty and Vince grew up together, whilst Leon and Jesse "just kinda showed up one night and never left", which may bit of be that while Leon and Jesse were family, it's a bit like they didn't have that strong bond with Dom as Letty and Vince. Welp, the original crew was 6 (7 including Brian), which now scattered, plus one (or two) written off for good.

Then after the second movie, Suki again disappears for good - and for Devon Aoki having been inactive since 2009, we most likely can also count out her coming back. The Miami crew would have 5 members - Brian, Roman, Tej, Suki and Jimmy - and now down to four. Well, three, since Jimmy was briefly seen in the 6th movie beginning, but isn't likely gonna return as a main one.

(Skipping third movie here, and going to fourth - chronological order) Dom now returns with Han (who doesn't come to the main game), Tego and Rico, and Letty - who gets written off. Then Brian and Mia, and Gisele come to the play. So now that's six of them.

Fifth movie - they get the different teams (1st (Dom, Brian, Mia, Vince), 2nd (Rome, Tej), 4th (Han, Tego, Rico, Gisele)) together - up to 10, Vince gets killed > down to 9. Hobbs and Elena join, up to 11.

Sixth movie - Tego and Rico have split from the team; Mia and Elena don't join the team in London, but are replaced with Riley - it's 8 now - Dom, Brian, Rome, Tej, Han, Gisele, Hobbs, Riley. In the end, Letty "awakens from the dead" and comes back, but... Riley reveals herself as traitor and is killed, Gisele sacrifices herself for Han, and Han in the end goes to Tokyo, and is killed. Team's down to 6.

Third movie - explaining the bits with seventh.

Seventh movie - Han's dead, Hobbs is down for the time being, Mia doesn't join the team again, Sean is briefly seen, but doesn't join the team - it's down to five currently - Dom, Brian, Letty, Rome, Tej. Then Ramsey comes to play, and Hobbs is finally back in the game. Only that Brian retires now. Bringing the family to 7.

Well, it's been confirmed that Tego and Rico are now coming back for eighth movie. And Sean too. So it would bring the family up to ten. But there's still bit of a problem with them three. Movies 1-3 were primarily racing, 4 was about revenge, 5 was about a heist, but in 6-7, and as it looks that 8 also will be, it's really more like "vehicular warfare" now. However, with Tego and Rico sitting 6-7 out, and Sean being just the Drift King at the end of third movie, I really don't believe that they would graduate from the "Toretto Vehicular Warfare Specialist School" so quick.

Also, the fact that it's been 11 years between when Tokyo Drift was filmed and now, the 8th movie. Back then, Lucas Black was 23 playing a 17-year old. However, he has somewhat aged in the meantime, and a 33-year old playing a 17-year old just is not going to be plausible. Unless the story will take part em... 5? years post-7th movie. Then the rest of the team wouldn't be that old too.

Also, Jordana Brewster most likely will be out. Plus, with the way Mia was written, she had been tied too closely to Brian, and her role decreased with every movie post-4th - so, if Mia would now appear, it sadly would bring up the unwanted question of "Where's Brian?"

So, basically of the "core" main ones, currently only Dom, Letty, Rome and Tej can be listed as "active". And Hobbs. Not only was Paul Walker's death - thus Brian's retirement -, but also the deaths of the family members have been a major blow to the crew dynamics. And it's a bit doubtful of how the 4-5 of them can hold down the fort between themselves. And bringing any new characters to the family wouldn't work for me now - for the series has deviated too much from classic racing of 1st-3rd movies to the current "vehicular warfare", it's gonna be hard and implausible to run the new additions through the "Toretto Vehicular Warfare School" in (less than half) of a movie.
26th-Nov-2016 12:56 am (UTC)
I won't be seeing any more of the movies for the simple fact now they're just making it a cash cow. They should have ended it. It was the perfect end to the series. Thee end. Over. Done. By continuing they've proven it's only about the money.

Add in that The Rock is still involved (barf), and as you said, most of the main guys are gone, there's not much point. Beating a dead horse, anyone?
26th-Nov-2016 03:57 pm (UTC)
Welp, I agree with the cash cow thing, but for me - personally, Paul's death was actually a factor, and that they kind of had the perfect ending to it, and yet keep milking the cow.

Also, I happened to see a brief teaser scene of the 8th movie, just to get a glimpse of what level they are stooping to now, and Tej driving some "Luxury Super Tank" as it's called (Area 51 anyone?) during an ice chase, while Rome drives a Lamborghini, and they're chased by bad guys on snowmobiles - that was extreme cringe to me. Compared to the "innocent" street racing nature of the 1st-3rd movies, it's really gone too much down the "vehicular warfare" path. Already in 7th movie, the chopper/drone chase, destroying half a city was quite "bleugh" and over the top to me.

While I don't plan to see even the eighth one, I don't even want to think about what there shall be in 9th and 10th ones, that will come out in 2019 and 2021 (and already, Vin has been confirmed for both.) Tanks with NOS? Dom's Charger suddenly becomes something like KITT? Jet cars with nuclear missiles? Car-helicopter hybrids? Drone cars? Segways with machine guns? This just keeps going out of control.

Edited at 2016-11-26 04:11 pm (UTC)
27th-Nov-2016 05:29 am (UTC)
Pretty much. It completely lost its roots.

Look, I get Paul and Vin planned to make all the way through #10, but that was also when Paul was alive. They were meant to do it TOGETHER. And there's no Dom without Brian.

The end of 7 was a beautiful send off to not only Paul but the series as well. Just let it the hell alone.
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