Looking for a Dom/Brian fic

So I have been looking for a fic but I cant seem to find it anywhere. Hopefully someone can find it for me. 

1) Its a Dom/Brian fic

2) It is completly Au and seemingly not related to the movies at all. 

3) They are strangers seemingly having a one night stand. Brian is still a fed or some variation of it. Dom is a excon. I dont think he is involved with anything criminal. Just struggling through being a excon and all. 

4) The morning after I think Brian runs into Dom`s sister in the kitchen. And perhaps someone else but I am not quite sure about that part. 

5) I found this one not in archiveofourown of fanfic.net but somewhere else and it also had a few other interesting fics listed that I would like to read again. Think one of them was Dom on the run with a teenager Brian that he did not know beforehand. I suspect it was the authors site as there were not that many fics there. 

Hopefully someone remembers it and can help me. =)

Alpha/Beta/Omega Dom/Brian

Does anyone have a copy of the Alpha/Omega series that Bisexual_Dragon wrote. I can't find it anywhere. One of the stories was called Welcome Back, Mr.Alpha. If someone could email me them that would be awesome. As long as the author is okay with it.

Here is my email: Almosthuman28@gmail.com


I don't remember much of this fic, but if someone could help me that would be awesome.

1. It might be a Dom/Sub fanfic
2. Jesse try's to ruin Dom/Brian's relationship
3. Dom focuses on Jesse more than Brian because Of Dom's new relationship with Brian
4. Jesse throws everything that Dom does for him in Brian's face
5. Dom doesn't like how Brian's acting towards Jesse
6. Brian is upset about how he's being treated
7. Jesse acts super smug towards Brian
8. Dom proposes to Brian
9. Jesse gets a new Dom
10. Jesse goes to the wedding with his Doms permission
11. Dom sometimes acted as Jesse's Dom and Jesse is super clingy
12. Jesse's new Dom limits his time with the team

That's all that I remember

Edit: Found in comments.
Danza Kuduro Universe by: Miss_Psychotic https://archiveofourown.org/series/79063#comments

Help, Please

Looking for a specific fanfiction

1. Brian has scars
2. Vince throws water on Brian
3. Brian pulls off his shirt and shocks everyone
4. Brian ends up going to Chino
5. The crew find Brian in Miami
6. They all talk it out
7. I believe it's 9 chapters
8. Dom is shocked at seeing new scars
9. Brian almost hurts Jesse
10. Brian doesn't drive or own a car anymore

If someone can help that would be great.

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Fic search

Hey all! I’m on the hunt for “You Can’t Fight Fate” by kittytn1. I’ve been unable to find a working link for the story, or a way to contact the author to inquire about the story directly. If anyone has a link, or a copy of the story, that would be amazing. Thank you!!!!

Help find a fic!

I was reading a fic where Dom/Brian were in a relationship, but then Dom snaps at Brian and Brian leaves to go on an undercover mission.(Brian was saying that Vince wouldn't understand WHY they were together, and Dom didn't like that) and there was a little bit of Vince thanking him for saving his life. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks! :)
Paul Walker (1973-2013)

2 Fast 2 Furious original trailer(s)?

So I somehow found this early, pre-release review of an early script of the second movie, dated June 6, 2002 (script).

So it featured Brian and Rome, as it was a second script that was submitted in case Vin Diesel would not return (as he ultimately wouldn't), but Brian's first car was a green Mitsubishi Eclipse (not the Skyline as seen in the movie). And it also mentioned in the same sentence that "the trailer alternates between him driving the gray and yellow models." Also, the trailer features "additional scenes between O’Conner and Clemente (Monica's original last name), as well as some action scenes set on the Miami water."

Does anyone have any info on the trailer, or where to find it?