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do it fast. do it furious.
Tumblr Made Me Do It II: Fast & Furious 
18th-Jan-2016 09:55 pm
Title: Tumblr Made Me Do It II: Fast & Furious
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Brian/Owen, Brian/Carter, Dom/Brian/Carter, Brian/Carter/Owen, Vince/Leon, Brian/Vince, Brian & Rome, Carter/Owen
Chapters/Word Count: 15 Fics; 5,700 Words (so far)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, Fluff, varied (see individual fics)
Summary: A collection of various ficlets for Tumblr fills. (1) Brian never saw this one coming. (2) Brian's been in an accident. (3) Dom and Brian are both burned spies, and Carter is still Carter. (4) Brian is not happy about this plan. (5) Leon tries to cheer up his boyfriend. (6) Carter is NOT happy with Brian's antics. (7) The aftermath of an after-race house party. (8) Carter is not fond of snow. (9) Brian and Rome's first meeting. (10) Owen wasn't expecting this for their first date. (11) "Who the hell crawls through somebody's window for ice cream at four in the morning?" (12) Brian's undercover assignment is threatening to get out of hand so he does the only thing he can think of- he calls his boyfriend Owen for help. (13) Brian's search for Owen ends at a hospital in London. (14) Carter isn't happy about what he's found out about Brian. (15) Brian waits for Owen to wake and wonders what Deckard will do next.
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