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31st-Oct-2015 10:48 pm - The Black Flame Candle
Title: The Black Flame Candle
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Dom/Brian/Carter/Owen
Word Count: 2,808
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, Hocus Pocus AU
Summary: 300 years ago a trio of witches were hung. They promised to return on All Hallow’s Eve, and it appears as though it has finally come to pass.
17th-Oct-2015 04:27 pm - A Bella Halloween
Title: A Bella Halloween
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Carter/Owen
Word Count: 908
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff, Crack, AU
Summary: Owen didn’t want to say his boyfriend was crazy, but his boyfriend was crazy.
Author's Notes: Sequel to "Fanboy."
17th-Oct-2015 09:27 pm - New Dom/Brian Vid: Blue Jeans
Title: Blue Jeans
Fandom: Fast & Furious
Music: Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey
Characters/Pairing: Dom/Brian
Summary: you fit me better than my favorite sweater
Warnings: a bit of violence

streaming + download here on lj and here on dw, streaming also here on ao3

Feedback is very much appreciated. You can leave it at the lj or dw posts or at the ao3 post, whichever you prefer. Hope you'll enjoy!
22nd-Sep-2015 03:17 pm - Burned into the Skin
Title: Burned into the Skin
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Brian/Owen
Word Count: 2,036
Rating: Teen
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst (minor), AU
Summary: Brian and Owen have been separated for so long that they never really thought they’d have the chance at reconciliation. Owen’s near death experience makes them each see what they have to lose.
Author's Notes: This is an AU where Brian never met Team Toretto, but it has spoilers for the end of Fast 6 and the beginning of Furious 7.
15th-Sep-2015 09:47 pm - Just Really Pretty [Complete]
Title: Just Really Pretty
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Dom/Brian/Vince, Brian/Carter, Dom/Brian/Carter/Vince
Chapters/Word Count: 4 Chapters, 7,960 Words
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Family
Summary: They had come to save Letty and clear their names, but Brian wanted to save Carter as well. Too bad his lovers aren’t really on the same page.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Never Had a Problem.
13th-Sep-2015 04:55 pm - Smoking Kiss
Title: Smoking Kiss
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Brian/Carter
Word Count: 377
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Brian was impressed by the tricks Carter can do with cigar smoke.
RIP Paul 1973-2013
OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!  It's back!

When the chill winds of autumn rattle the bare limbs of the trees,
and dark clouds race across the face of the moon,
the veil between worlds lifts to reveal:
The Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2015!

Aren't you excited?
All fandoms are welcome. Stories can be Gen, Het, Slash or Femmeslash. All ratings are accepted.
Signups end September thirteenth!
This is a very low-key challenge, no minimum or maximum word counts. Drabbles and ficlets are fine. Monster epics are great too! But please make sure the story is complete.
You can sign up here at LJ'sspook_me or at Spook_Me's Dreamwidth journal. (You do not need an LJ or DW account to participate. As long as you have an email address where I can send your prompts, you can sign up.)
Feel free to promote/pimp the challenge everywhere that it is allowed - the banner is free to use.

Get busy people!  You only have a week to sign-up!!!
6th-Sep-2015 06:02 pm - Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Title: Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Brian/Carter
Word Count: 830
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Summary: A chance meeting in a Miami cafe.
4th-Sep-2015 03:21 am - Fanfic Dump
Had quite a number of fics I posted tonight. They are actually reposts of stories that were in my Tumblr Fills collection that I felt deserved fics of their own.

Title: When I Said I Do
Pairings: Brian/Carter
Word Count: 634
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Summary: Brian and Carter reminisce about how they came to be together.

Title: Not a Four Alarm Fire (But Baby I Might Burn)
Pairings: Brian/Vince
Word Count: 741
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, First Meeting
Summary: Of course the fire alarm decides to go off at 3AM. At least there’s a silver lining- meeting the new hot neighbor from upstairs.

Title: Fanboy
Pairings: Carter/Owen
Word Count: 1,567
Rating: Teen
Genre: Flirting, Tumblr AU
Summary: Keeping a blog on Tumblr was both the best and worst mistake he could have made.

Title: A Different Kind of Meeting
Pairings: Dom/Owen
Word Count: 868
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, Deleted Scenes
Summary: Their first face to face meeting goes differently than Dom imagined.

Title: Unexpected (But Not Unwelcome)
Pairings: Carter/Owen
Word Count: 1,072
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance
Summary: Owen meets the newest team member, and damn is he a handsy bastard.
1st-Sep-2015 09:08 pm - Truth Behind Legends
Title: Truth Behind Legends
Author: wolfspirit07
Fandom: Fast & Furious/Dracula Untold
Pairings: Brian/Owen
Word Count: 2,020
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, Vampire AU
Summary: Owen takes Brian to Romania, back to where his legend began, back to where they loved each other in another lifetime.
Author's Notes: Sequel to "For Those Who Love (It Lasts Forever)"
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