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13th-Jun-2016 11:41 pm - Fic Search
Hi, does anyone know the location of a fic where Letty signs over custody of her daughter to Brian before her death, Brian getting attacked in his apartment soon after and becoming permanently deaf?
17th-May-2016 02:21 am - Fic Search

I was wondering if anyone had the fic or a link to the the fic of the Love, Pain and Letters Series by LdyKiya.
Any other fic's by LdyKiya are also welcome.

13th-Apr-2016 09:46 pm - Forty-Eight Hour Pass
Title: Forty-Eight Hour Pass
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Carter/Owen
Word Count: 965
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, AU- WWII/Military/Historical
Summary: They met at a bar in Paris.
Author's Notes: Mentions of Operation Market Garden, Operation Pegasus, and others, cause I’ve been watching too much Band of Brothers. So sue me.
25th-Mar-2016 02:35 pm - Love is Better the Second Time Around
Title: Love is Better the Second Time Around
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Brian/Owen/Carter
Word Count: 2,614
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Family, Polyamory, AU- Canon Divergence
Summary: Deckard is in lock up. That is until Owen wakes in the hospital and rushes to put a team together. Which just so happens to include his ex-boyfriend Brian O’Conner and said man’s new flame, Carter Verone.
Author's Notes: Sooo, completely random idea that came to me and I just rolled with it. Suspension of disbelief. This starts post-Furious 7 but Team Toretto was never involved against the Shaw’s. It diverges from canon at the end of Fast 4 because the Feds kept their end of the bargain and Dom was cleared.
22nd-Mar-2016 09:29 pm - Was It All a Lie?
Title: Was It All a Lie?
Fandom: Fast & Furious
Pairings: Brian/Owen
Word Count: 910
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance
Summary: Brian didn’t bother to hide his surprise. After all, a ghost from his past had just appeared on his doorstep.
Author's Notes: I got inspired by the Criminal Minds story arc in Season 6 with Emily and Doyle. I really LOVED the Doyle character and today when rewatching I got a strong Owen sense. This diverges after Fast 5.
16th-Mar-2016 10:30 am - A Brian/Leon fic?
Mia Toretto and Brian O'Conner
Howdy, I remember reading a Brian/Leon fic some time ago. I remember, that in that one, Leon had to go to traffic school, and it was where he met Brian.

I remember there was also this bit of dialogue in the fic - basically, Leon said "Ain't no such thing as a V7 engine" or something, to which Brian replied "My point exactly." It might not be the very exact words, though.

Thanks in advance
Title: You Don't Know Me (But You're About To)
Author: wolfspirit07
Pairings: Deckard/Brian
Word Count: 1,447
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Fast 6 AU
Summary: Brian's life changed the day he met Deckard Shaw.
23rd-Feb-2016 04:25 pm - New Vid: The Frug
brian rome
Title: The Frug
Fandom: Fast & Furious
Music: The Frug by Rilo Kiley
Characters/Pairing: Rome character study, Rome pov; Rome/Brian, hinted at Dom/Brian
Summary: Rome can do pretty much anything. Except fall in love. Or so he thinks. Or pretends.
Warnings: none

streaming + download here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3
7th-Feb-2016 11:30 pm - Fic Search
I've tried everything else I can think of, so this is my last option. I'm looking for a fic that was (I think) a mix of Brian/Dom and Brian/Leon. The team ended up in Central or South America(?) in a more "legit" race car scene, and the man who owns the cars they drive is some Spanish(?) bigwig. The man's son or grandson or whoever hits on Brian. There's a scene where he lends Brian a shirt. There's also horseback riding at the rich guys home. I think most of the focus was on the Brian/Leon bromance. Anyway, I've searched Google, and Ao3 but I can't seem to find it. I've checked my stash of fic pdfs but zip. If this story sounds familiar to anyone, and you have the name or a link to it, I'd be grateful. There's a pathetically small number of Brian/Leon fics out there, considering how hot they both are.
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