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do it fast. do it furious.
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31st-Jan-2018 12:18 am - Fic search
Hey all! I’m on the hunt for “You Can’t Fight Fate” by kittytn1. I’ve been unable to find a working link for the story, or a way to contact the author to inquire about the story directly. If anyone has a link, or a copy of the story, that would be amazing. Thank you!!!!
21st-Dec-2017 01:53 am - Help find a fic!
I was reading a fic where Dom/Brian were in a relationship, but then Dom snaps at Brian and Brian leaves to go on an undercover mission.(Brian was saying that Vince wouldn't understand WHY they were together, and Dom didn't like that) and there was a little bit of Vince thanking him for saving his life. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks! :)
6th-Nov-2017 06:24 pm - Vid Rec?
I was watching another fandom/pairing vid and realised that I've yet to see a good Brian/Dom vid.

So could you rec me your favourite Brian/Dom vid? There's gotta be a good vid out there somewhere^_~
27th-Oct-2017 08:48 pm - 2 Fast 2 Furious original trailer(s)?
Paul Walker (1973-2013)

So I somehow found this early, pre-release review of an early script of the second movie, dated June 6, 2002 (script).

So it featured Brian and Rome, as it was a second script that was submitted in case Vin Diesel would not return (as he ultimately wouldn't), but Brian's first car was a green Mitsubishi Eclipse (not the Skyline as seen in the movie). And it also mentioned in the same sentence that "the trailer alternates between him driving the gray and yellow models." Also, the trailer features "additional scenes between O’Conner and Clemente (Monica's original last name), as well as some action scenes set on the Miami water."

Does anyone have any info on the trailer, or where to find it?

9th-Sep-2017 12:12 am - Hobbs/Deckard Shaw
Word Count: 4k
Fandom: Fast and the Furious Series (takes place post-The Fate of the Furious)
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Hobbs/Deckard Shaw
Summary: Shaw shows up at Hobbs' house after a bad mission.

Read on AO3
8th-Sep-2017 05:20 pm - New Vid: Fast & Furious "So Sweet"
Title: So Sweet
Fandom: Fast & Furious
Music: So Sweet by Kyla La Grange
Characters/Pairing: Dom/Brian
Summary: put your hands on me or don't tell me it's not about freedom
Warnings: none

download + streaming here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3
18th-Aug-2017 06:34 pm - Lost fic
ixchel-spiral goddess
I haven't read F&F in quite awhile but I have a yen for apocalyptic F&F, one in particular that I can't seem to find. It's set in a future where water is scarce, there are mutant flying critters and horse power means a huge animal with 4 legs. Brian is a member of a family with their own box canyon, a large herd of horses and a source of water. I know it ends in Brian and Dom in an epic battle against the aforementioned mutant flying critters but not a whole lot else. I tried AO3 (not under the apocalypse tag) and I've gone back nearly 4 years on this com. I don't think it can be much older than that. Sound familiar to anyone?
5th-Jun-2017 12:14 pm - Search fanfic

I'm looking for a fanfiction in which Brian had left the police, and suddenly became ill but the team still believed his name was Spilner, and while he was sick he told Dom that his last name was O'Connor. I would be very happy if you tell me that fic was, please

21st-Apr-2017 05:23 pm - Quarter Mile on Dreamwidth
Hi! This is a post to let everyone know we have a Dreamwidth mirror community which everyone is welcome to join and post here or there or both places as you see fit. [community profile] quarter_mile

I have no plans to delete this community on lj (I can't speak for what lj might do obviously) and I'll remain as mod on both. Have fun discussing Fate of the Furious, try to remember F8 spoiler warnings for the next couple of months, and stay awesome. :)
Hello family!
I hope you all are doing well.
I wanted to check in to see if anyone has seen FF8 yet? What are your thoughts?

I saw it last night and I thought it was good...but the absence of Brian AND Mia were definitely felt. My poor Dom and Brian shipper heart may never be satisfied with future movies :(

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